Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What type of frame should I choose?

It’s easier to choose a frame when you already know what you want. The different color choices and frame shapes can be confusing for you (us too sometimes…) so go for what you are most comfortable with. After all, your glasses are supposed to help you see comfortably!

If you need help choosing a suitable frame, you can always have a chat with us on Facebook Messenger. Just click the Messenger icon at the bottom right of this page.


Q: What type of lenses do you provide?

Our lenses have a 1.6 index of refraction and can be up to 55% thinner than regular lenses. A 1.6 index lens is both flattering and produces the least distortion in sight.

We are now just focusing on single prescription lenses for glasses and sunglasses. We may start offering other types of lenses soon, if you’d like to receive a notification when we do, you may subscribe to our newsletter  here.


Q: Do I have to create an account to order?

No, you do not have to create an account, but it is easier for you to access information like previous orders when you’ve logged in. We definitely recommend you to  create an account, it’s super easy!

When you visit, we automatically collect certain information. To learn about our privacy policies, go  here.


Q: How do I order?

After deciding on the frame you’d like, choose a color and fill in the prescription details as shown on the frame’s purchase page. You will need to measure your pupillary distance (PD) correctly to ensure that the lenses produced are fit for your eyes. Click  here if you’re not sure how to measure it.

Click on ‘Add To Cart’ once you’re ready for payment and shipping details, then follow the instructions and fill in the details.


Q: Can I cancel/change my order?

We guarantee changes and cancellations within 24 hours of payment for an order. Be sure to check your details and order page before making a payment. 

Contact us  here about cancelling or changing your order. 


Shipping & Payment

Q: What type of shipping do you use? How long will it take for my order to get here?

 We offer FREE shipping for all purchases, with USPS First Class Package (1-3 Days). Your order will be processed within 10 business days. 


Q: How can I track my order?

You may find your order details in your email once you have made a purchase, with a receipt and tracking details when it is dispatched. Check your spam folder too!


Q: I didn’t receive my order. What should I do?

These things could happen sometimes. If it shows on the tracking page that your order has arrived, but you did not physically receive it, please  contact us to resolve the issue. We will try our best to help you find your order. 


Q: What types of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, but recommend using PayPal, credit or debit. Your payment is secured by Shopify, our website platform provider, so no worries when it comes to billing!


Customer Service

We are always here for all types of concerns and questions!


You can chat with us on  Facebook Messenger

+1 800 xxxx


Have a great week!

Charm Optical Team